Remcos v2.7.2 update: faster, hassle-free licensing

v2.7.2 | 22 Oct 2020 [*] Fixed “Invalid License” error which happened on some systems with a faulty clock. [+] KeyGen updated to v4.1: adds a faster license activation method without the need to create a support ticket. Full changelog here: Remcos Changelog

Remcos v2.7.0 update released!

v2.7.0 | 10 Aug 2020 [*] Proxy: Fixed the “Unable to load socks.dll in current process” error, which happened sometimes when using Reverse Proxy[*] Proxy: Other minor tweaks[*] Password Recovery: updated to decrypt the new password encryption on Opera browser[*] Chat: Fixed Agent crash when uploading chat plugin (this error was introduced in v2.6.0)[*] Builder: some bugfixes[*] Connection Protocol: some changes…

Remcos v2.6.0 update released!

v2.6.0 | 10 Jul 2020 [+] ScreenCapture: Added Multi-Monitor Support [+] Builder: Added IPConfig button to quickly open the Windows Ipconfig utility with one click. [*] Connection Protocol: Improved cryptographic strength [*] Notification: Improved GUI [*] Agent Crash fix: Fixed error when including “|” character in connection password [-] Removed obsolete startup methods Winlogon/Shell and Winlogon/Userinit [*] Other minor fixes…

CyberGuard vs CoronaLocker

This demo shows CoronaLocker virus in action, and how CyberGuard Anti-Malware is able to defeat it, successfully saving your computer and data. Stay safe! CyberGuard protects you and your data against the vast majority of computer threats. Get CyberGuard here:

Remcos v2.5.1 update released!

v2.5.1 | 05 Jun 2020 [*] Recovery: Updated to work with latest browser versions[*] Minor error and performance fixes on Controller & Agent Full changelog:

New Facebook Page!

Dear users, we just opened our new official Facebook page.Follow it for the latest updates and interesting news on our products and the cybersecurity world.More updates coming soon! Our Facebook page:

CyberGuard Anti-Malware

CyberGuard Anti-Malware Dear customers,We proudly announce the completion of a project which took over 2 years of development and hard work. CyberGuard is a new Anti-Malware solution, designed to be lightweight yet effective. CyberGuard can block the majority of malware, including: viruses, ransomware, trojan horses, backdoors.Thanks to its behavioral scanner, CyberGuard can block malware even if encrypted or undetected by…

[Update] Poseidon Mailer v1.1.0

version changelog: v 1.1.0 | 25 March 2020 [*] Added full unicode support, Poseidon Mailer is now compatible with emails written in any language.[*] Fixed email body being empty when using HTML Format and adding attachment Full version changelog here.

Remcos: Quick Start Videotutorial

We just released a new quick start guide to help beginners setup a Remcos connection. For more detailed instructions on Remcos, you can consult the Remcos Instructions Manual. Our customers can find this video and other useful guides in the tutorials page.

[Update] Poseidon Mailer v1.0.9

Here is a new release based on user suggestions. Changelog: v1.0.9 [+] Message Variables have been added. You can view them from the View menu. [*] Now it is possible to customize Sender address and/or name individually. [*] Now it is possible to multiselect and delete some recipients from the recipients list. [*] Fixed 100% CPU on Invalid License error.…